Sabretooth Clan

The Sabretooth Clan

The Sabretooth Clan

Sabretooths are individuals that share the common experience of having had fangs made for them by Father Sebastiaan, which is known as the Rite of Transformation. This rite of passage is about more than just being fitted with a custom pair of fangs, incorporated are mysterious elements including “Mirror” and the “Oracle.” Sabretooths hail from many diverse backgrounds and included are both practicing Vampyres and Black Swans (those who are education on Vampyre culture but yet don’t fully identify as one). Those who truly embrace this transformative milestone are united in a unique tribal and Family spirit. Sabretooths are collectively known as the Sabretooth Clan with the only official requirement needed to become a true Sabretooth is to have been “fanged” personally by Father Sebastiaan himself.

The first Sabretooth was the Lady N, who had her fangs made on Christmas Day 1994 (she is actually Sebastiaan’s birth mother). She became the first and only “Brood” of that year. Brood is a term referring to the year a Sabretooth went through the Rite of Transformation. Since that first year, each subsequent year’s Brood has been going through the ever evolving White Rite, while getting their fangs made in many places such as music festivals in Europe, the FangShop in NYC, the courtyard at the House of Blues in New Orleans and many cities around the world. Each experience is unique with results that vary individual to individual.

Sabretooths are the core of the Sanguinarium. The Sanguinarium is a private and international tribe of individuals drawn together by their love of the empowering elements of the vampire Mythos (traditionally spelling Vampyre with a “y” instead of an “I”). While every Sabretooth’s experience and expression of Vampyrism is unique, most maintain a strong Family spirit. Over the years, together with Father Sebastiaan and his inner circle, the Sabretooth Clan has developed many Vampyre Virtues or principles that are known as “Red Veils”. These principles are enriching snippets of the vampire mythology which are applicable to one’s daily life. These Virtues represent the culture, philosophy and traditions of the Sabretooth Family. Notable examples of subjects covered by the Virtues include Mystery, Transhumanism, Magick, Sensuality, Immortality, Romance, Chivalry, Honor, Loyalty, Love, Passion, Zhep’r, Apothesosis, Extropy, Music, Art and Dance.

Each new individual going through the Rite of Transformation brings a new and interestingly unique perspective into the Sabretooth Clan. Who knows how Sabretooths will change and evolve in the future? Keep watching…..

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