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My official 2014 FATHER SEBASTIAAN TOUR Calendar is now up…

Father Sebastiaan Calendar 2014

Hello everyone here is the official FATHER SEBASTIAAN TOUR CALENDAR 2014…

A Look Inside the FangVan

Take a look at our Kickstarter at

Full Video of Zak Bagans endorsing FangVan and the White Rite

Full video of Zak Bagans from Ghost Adventures reacting to the White Rite of Father Sebastiaan’s Fangsmith and endorsing the FangVan Kickstarter.

Video thanks to

All new

Greetings all,
Special thanks to for the all new… Dress code, event updated and agenda.



Father Sebastiaan’s European Tour 2013 – June 21,22,23 HELLFEST

For my third year in a row I am going to be fanging at…. come down and visit our table…555170_10151230739267536_345907915_n

Father Sebastiaan on Coast to Coast AM

200px-Coast_to_coast_am_logoIt is with great pleasure I am going to be a guest for the second time on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory on Thursday morning June 13th / Wednesday evening June 12th 2013 from 2-5am.  We are going to be discussing Vampyre culture and a whole variety of different related tops from fangsmithing to what will the world of vampires be like now Twilight is over and True Blood is winding down.

FangVan Kickstarter Teaser Video V1

Here is the first FangVan Kickstarter Promo…

The FangVan


Sooo… many of you have heard rumors over the years of a Vampyre reality show series… however every time we get so close the politics of Hollywood we can never find a cool angle which is fun, exciting, different and unique.  In February I was driving down the highway and noticed an old ambulance for sale… mwhahahahah   It hit me!

Think MTV’s Pimp My Ride, meets TLC’s Miami Ink but with Vampyres driving around America during Halloween making fangs in a converted Ambulance.  Of course with a DJ booth and mini bar….

And today more than ever it is the perfect time to do such a project, with crowd source funding we can create our own reality show pilot and web series this fall and you can be involved!  So on June 21st to August 1st 2013 our FangVan Kickstarter will be in progress.  Lets rock it out!

You can visit this project on Facebook or

A moving letter from a client…

Father Sebastiaan,

I hope you are well.
I appreciate you taking the time from your day to read this.
Many would label my  endeavors as “the cusp of a mid life crisis”: this journey of self exploration and self fuffilment that I have gone through for over 10 years.  It didn’t really hit me until the passing of my birth father in 2011.  At 75 years old, even to me, it seemed a life short lived and incomplete.  Perhaps it was the selfishness of wanting him around a bit longer or looking into his eyes and knowing that we had both wished for more time.  He had accepted my calling and my path and viewed me no differently.  I suppose in his departure, to me, he was the end all, be all of accepting and embracing my life as Vampyre.  And then to experience meeting You and having you make my fangs, I’ve woken up all over again.

I’ve read The Vampyre Sanguinomicon..twice.  And find myself reading it a third time.  In the day to day life of Me, its always organized, logical and judging.  Those things quickly dissolve when I read The Sanguinomicon and I find myself just riding emotion.  The dreams I have are more.  Not more of anything specifically,  just more.
I have thought that this was because of my fathers passing and perhaps for a time it was.  Now, it is literally just me and whatever my thoughts are channeling at that moment.
My life has changed substantially since.   I’ve obtained financial success and comfort and am proud to pass my legacy to my children.
Now I am on my way to figuring how to be just a bit more selfish and enjoy my success for me personally.
Thank You for Your Words and weather it was directly or indirectly,  enabling me to think and dream.

Steampunk Fangs

Steampunk Fangs

Greetings all, over the years I have been a lover of Steampunk, seeing it as another evolution from the gothic culture becoming something of its own.  Back in my RPG days I remember a roleplaying game called Castle Falkenstein, basically D&D meets steampunk.  I never thought the genre would evolve this far.  So with great pride and some small clogs, a request from Victor Magnus and a beautiful French model named Alice D. I attempted, what is as far as I know the world’s first steampunk fangs.

I am adding these to my catalog for an additional €25 per pair on top of my normal €99 Euro price.


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