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Memories of the Red Mass – a celebration forthcoming…

My group Cirque du Vampyre from the New York Vampire Ball in February 2013…

Cover of Vampyre Mysteries “The Purple Veils”

You can order it in Softcover…
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Or Hardcover…
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Club AntiChrist – Night of the Vampires III & London Fang Appointments


Model; La Esmeralda photo by Fairy Tales Photography

Greeting all, it is that time again for the London Vampire Weekend….  Last year I couldnt make it due to an accident so this year I am ready to rock!

I will be taking fang appointments and performing the RED MASS with members of the Sanguinarium on Friday August 30th at the Club Anti-Christ Night of the Vampires III in London.  Email or Facebook message me for appointments at AC…


In the afternoon I will be making fangs by appointment from noon to 6pm at Haunted Tattoos @ 159 Holloway Rd, London N7 8LX, United Kingdom… call :+44 20 7609 6276 to make an appointment at Haunted… space is limited.

Father Sebastiaan’s European Tour 2013 – June 21,22,23 HELLFEST

For my third year in a row I am going to be fanging at…. come down and visit our table…555170_10151230739267536_345907915_n

Father Sebastiaan on Coast to Coast AM

200px-Coast_to_coast_am_logoIt is with great pleasure I am going to be a guest for the second time on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory on Thursday morning June 13th / Wednesday evening June 12th 2013 from 2-5am.  We are going to be discussing Vampyre culture and a whole variety of different related tops from fangsmithing to what will the world of vampires be like now Twilight is over and True Blood is winding down.

The FangVan


Sooo… many of you have heard rumors over the years of a Vampyre reality show series… however every time we get so close the politics of Hollywood we can never find a cool angle which is fun, exciting, different and unique.  In February I was driving down the highway and noticed an old ambulance for sale… mwhahahahah   It hit me!

Think MTV’s Pimp My Ride, meets TLC’s Miami Ink but with Vampyres driving around America during Halloween making fangs in a converted Ambulance.  Of course with a DJ booth and mini bar….

And today more than ever it is the perfect time to do such a project, with crowd source funding we can create our own reality show pilot and web series this fall and you can be involved!  So on June 21st to August 1st 2013 our FangVan Kickstarter will be in progress.  Lets rock it out!

You can visit this project on Facebook or

Wave Gotik Treffen 2013

ENWGT-PicnicGreetings all,

As you know I am going to be at the Agra making fangs all weekend (email to schedule an appointment at the legendary Wave Gotik Treffen in Leipzig Germany on May 17th to 20th 2013.  I will be taking a limited number of fang clients, signing books and promoting for the Endless Night “German Vampire Ball” 2013 in December.

I would like to personally invite you with your hostess Soror Eve to the 3rd Annual Endless Night / Sabretooth Vampyre Picnic at WGT. We are also hosting the Endless Night Vampyre Picnic Sunday the 19th from 20h to 00H…  All my personal fang clients and Endless Night patrons are welcome at our gathering.  We are meeting at the picnic tables at the end of the Catwalk and I will be buying lots of drinks for all of our friends.

This is a friendly soiree where the Current is alive and strong.

RSVP for the Endless Night Vampyre Picnic here…

Father Sebastiaan

Sabretooth Vampire Girls 2013 Calendar

I am pleased to announce that the first official Vampire Girls 2013 Calendar is now in print.

Support independent publishing: Buy this calendar on Lulu.

Models include; amazing photos with covergirl: La Esmeralda from Germany, with 11 other super models including; Raven Cordu of London, Ophelia OverdoseComtesse Léa of Paris, Alice Bizarre of London, Scarlett River of LA, Necia Navine of Amsterdam, Nea Dune of Zagreb Croatia, Nikita Kitty Romanov of New York City, Sonya Scarlet; lead singer of the band Theatres des Vampires, Tessa de Dutchessa of Amsterdam and Kay Morgan of Paris / Belgium.

All of these beautiful ladies are my personal fang clients and with their photographers volunteered to support this project which apart of the proceeds will go to benefit members of the Sanguinarium Vampyre community who lost their home in Sandy in October 2012.

The price is $23.00 + S&H and available via our online store at  If you are interested in modeling for the 2014 calendar to support our next chosen charity we are taking applicants who are my personal fang clients.  See the Vampire Girls project page.

Support independent publishing: Buy this calendar on Lulu.


Some sample pics….



Vampyr-Tugenden “Die Roten Schleier” Father Sebastiaan

Second Sight Books

VAMPYR-TUGENDEN “DIE ROTEN SCHLEIER” ist das erste Buch in der Geschichte, das sich der Definition und Förderung der „Vampyr-Kultur“ widmet. Es will den Leser mit dem Lexikon der 100 machtvollen Worte des Vampirmythos inspirieren und herausfordern. Jede dieser Tugenden unterstützt die persönliche Entwicklung und spiegelt den Vampyr-Geist wider. Beispiele hierfür sind Ursprünglichkeit, Romanze, Mysterium, Transhumanismus, Musik, Kultur, Glamour, Eleganz, Galanterie, Ritterlichkeit, Unsterblichkeit, Magick und Sinnlichkeit.
Alle Tugenden werden von dem französischen Konzeptkünstler William Vocant auf ansprechende Weise präsentiert, ergänzt durch ein bezauberndes Vorwort der amerikanischen Vampir-Autorin Gabrielle Faust.

Das Buch ist inspiriert von den zwanzigjährigen Erfahrungen und Interaktionen Father Sebastiaans mit seinen Vampirzahn-Kunden, was den Text so einmalig und zu einem Must Read macht. Es fasst das gesammelte Wissen in einfacher und verständlicher Form zusammen.

„Eine umfassende Sicht auf die moderne Vampyr-Kultur, zusammengestellt von einem der international herausragendsten Köpfe auf diesem Gebiet.”
Dr. Mark Benecke, Kriminalbiologe

„Ich schätze die Arbeit von Father Sebastiaan sehr, ich liebe ihn für seine Arbeit mit den Vampirzähnen und als Autor! Vampyr-Tugenden ist ein Buch, das jeder Vampir der Welt lesen sollte!“
Sonya Scarlet, Theatres des Vampires, Leadsängerin

„Vampyr-Tugenden ist ein Buch, das den Leser in die Lage versetzen kann, die besten Eigenschaften des dunkelsten Anti-Helden unseres modernen Zeitalters, des Vampirs, zu entdecken und für sich zu übernehmen..“
Magister Mael, Grand Magister of the Ordo Strigoi Vii

„Ein erstaunliches Werk. Ob Anfänger, Fortgeschrittener oder alter Sack wie ich – für jeden ist etwas dabei.“
Lord Chaz, New Orleans

„Das Buch erinnert stark an The Secret von Rhonda Byrne, jedoch geschrieben aus der Perspektive des Vampir-Archetpys.“
Adrian Lumley, Vampirzahn-Kunde von Father Sebastiaan seit 1997

German Vampire Ball 2012


Endless Night German Vampire Ball 2012

German Vampire Ball 2012 back



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