Fang Appointments for Endless Night NOLA 2014

Father Sebastiaan fang appointments for Endless Night NOLA 2014

Hello everyone it is that time again, I am booking a limited number of fang appointments for New Orleans at the Endless Night Festival 2014.   I am booking up quickly and can only take 25 clients and when I am booked it is over.

So if you are serious about auditioning for the Sabretooth Clan and entering the Sanguinarium this is your opportunity but you need to ask…

I am making fangs on the following dates during the Endless Night New Orleans 2014.

Thursday, October 30th – Noon to 6pm – Private appointments @ House of Blues
Friday, October 31st – 11am to 7pm – Vampire Court @ House of Blues
Saturday, November 1st – Noon to 6pm – Vampire Court @ House of Blues

I am only doing Classic and Lilith styles because of my time crunch, I would love to offer more but as I am also producing Endless Night I cannot do it all!

The price is $150 per pair, with a $75 deposit via Paypal to secure your spot.  I will need your name, email and phone number.

Now if you cannot book your appointment with me personally you will have three options.

  1. Book mail order with me and get your order in by October 1st 2014.
  2. See me at the NYC Fangshop from October 1st to 29th
  3. You are welcome you to contact my guest fangsmith Dnash who will be working with me in New Orleans.

I am looking forward to making the 2014 Halloween season an Amazing experience with all of you.

Message me on Facebook for more information or questions.

Father Sebastiaan

Casting Call for Vampyre / vampire TV show…

Sabretooth Casting Call

Dear friends and associates,

I am involved in the production of a new TV series about Vampyres / vampires exploring vampire myths from around the world in culture, literature, media and history.  This is the project of a major NYC TV production company who is casting quirky, intelligent and interesting hosts.   

We’re looking for personalities, experts on the Vampyre /vampire subculture AND on the history and folklore of the legendary blood-drinker Dracula, Elizabeth Bathory and more!

If you are an outgoing character with a big personality – and/or you feel like you have an especially unique take on this world, we want to hear from you. 

THIS IS OPEN TO ALL SABRETOOTHS and our Swans, friends, fans, seekers and allies!

Please send your video audition to ( by answering the following questions by May 1st 2014.

- Name/Age?
- What do you do for work?
- How you are connected to the Vampyre scene/ Describe your relationship with the Sabretooth Clan 
- Can you get us access into the subculture? If so, in what cities?
- How much knowledge do you have on the history of vampires?
- Do you know the stories of the myths and where/how they originated?
- Why you think you would be a valuable asset to our team? 

*The audition tape should be no longer than 6 minutes – and any type of video will be accepted (a link to a private YouTube video with web cam, iPhone or iPad footage, etc)

*If you have no access to video, please write the answers to these questions in an email and include photos of yourself..

Father Sebastiaan

FATHER SEBASTIAAN a MILANO! 16 e 17 maggio 2014

 Please note this event is SOLD OUT… tickets are now by invite only…
However I am still making fangs Friday the 16th and Saturday the 17th in the afternoon.

Milan Vampires

It is with pleasure I will be attending the Midnight Masquerade 2014 in Milan Italy 16th and 17th 2014 with the lovely La Esmeralda as the guest of honour and I will be making fangs during this fabulous event.  I am booking up fast and only have a few places left.  This is a fabulous ball and if you are in the area email me or send me a message on Facebook to book an appointment!

Special thanks to Arianna Vilya and Alessandra and the team of the Romantic Remembrance Gala for inviting me to this event!

You can find the event here…


Mysteries of Paris Catacombs Adventure intro

Mysteries of Paris Kickstarter

Father Sebastiaan on NetherWorld with Zak Bagans Saturday April 5th 2014!

Great news Sabretooths, Nighters and friends!

I will appear on Travel Channel this Saturday April 5th 2014 (yes the night before season 4 of Game of Thrones premiere) at 8pm EST with Zak Bagans of Ghost Adventures on his special about the Paris Catacombs NETHER WORLD.   We had the great pleasure of doing the Rite of Transformation and the White Rite at the same time inside the legendary Black Dog Bar.

They asked me to join the show for fangsmithing and as a consultant on the Paris Catacombs which inspired me to finish my book Mysteries of Paris.

Be sure to watch as I am just as curious as you to see how it unfolds!


Fanged Zak Bagans with Father on Netherworld

Sebastiaan and Zak before his Rite of Transformation at Place du Concorde in Paris.


Fanged Zak Bagans with Father on Netherworld

After Zak experienced the Rite of Transformation and White Rite at Black Dog Bar in Paris.

Mysteries of Paris Kickstarter

Father Sebastiaan’s next book : Mysteries of Paris “The Darkside of the City of Lights”

Mysteries of Paris Book

Mysteries of Paris Book

The legendary Father Sebastiaan, a leading expert on the occult and vampire subculture, is transforming seven years of ghoulish research into a new book, Mysteries of Paris: The Darkside of the City of Lights.

Mysteries of Paris carefully examines 99 of the most intriguing mysteries, atrocities and tales of terror that have occurred in Parisin its 2,000-year history. “These have been painstakingly compiled through investigations and explorations from the Catacombs to the top of the Eiffel Tower,” notes Father Sebastiaan.

Other topics in the book include tales from the infamous Pere Lachaise Cemetery, where Jim Morrison and Oscar Wilde are buried; sites where some of the 40,000 executions from the Reign of Terror took place; and stories about the real hunchback ofNotre Dame.

Paris is one of the most haunted cities in the world,” says Father Sebastiaan, who should know better than anyone else. He is the creator and tour guide for the Mysteries of Paris Ghost & Vampire Tour™, a 90-minute excursion through the city’s streets, museums and underworld.

For those who would like to experience the dark side of Paris in person, the Mysteries of Paris Ghost & Vampire Tour ( is highly recommended. The Paris Ghost Tour costs $27 and is narrated in English.

If you can’t make it to Paris and are intrigued by this subject, the new book is the next best thing. Mysteries of Paris: The Darkside of the City of Lights comes with a 40×60-inch color map that details all of the 99 mysteries unveiled in the book.Mysteries of Paris is scheduled to be released as a hardcover edition in July and a paperback in September.

Paris Mystery Map

Paris Mystery Map

The additional funding is being provided through a Kickstarter campaign, which is attempting to raise $10,000 for printing, design and labor. To make a pledge, visit

Backers will receive maps, vouchers for the Paris Ghost Walk, T-shirts, copies of the book and Paris VIP tours.

On April 5, Father Sebastiaan will be appearing on Zak Bagan’s Nether World show on the Travel Channel. He has been seen on CNBC, the History Channel and A&E. The New York Times and Bloomberg News have written stories about him.

For further information about Mysteries of Paris: The Darkside of the City of Lights, visit or the Ghost & Vampire Tour website,

Contact: Father Sebastiaan – Email:



Anne Rice’s new book “Prince Lestat” is now on Amazon! Will this lead to a TV show?

Vampire Chronicles
As many of you have heard since last week across the BlogOSphere that our beloved Anne Rice has returned to be our Queen of the Damned once more by announcing she is returning to write not just one but TWO new Vampire Chronicles books.  The best part is today she announced you can get the new book “Prince Lestat” on

Now that Twilight is over (thank the gods) and True Blood is winding down to its last season it is time for Anne to take her rightful crown as Queen of the Damned and bring us stories once again.  There has been a time of changes and this comeback I am confident is going to end in a TV show like Game of Thrones or possibly on Netflix where they can do the Vampire Chronicles properly.  Yes with proper actors who represent our beloved Anne Rice Vampires properly.  Imagine a tall blonde, young Lestat or a 16 year old Armand?  Imagine a series of Vampire Chronicles with 10 episodes of season I called “Interview”, season 2 called “Lestat” and season 3 called “Queen”, maybe even a 4th season called “Prince”?

The possibilities are endless.

See this video where I got to confess my heart out to Anne at ComicCon 2012…

Wedding Services by Father Sebastiaan

Official Article –


Over the years as founding Father of the Sanguinarium and Sabretooth Clan many of my Family members have asked me to officiate their weddings, handfastings and renewals of vows.   So far I have presided around a dozen ceremonies so far for Sabretooths (my personal fang clients) and members of the Sanguinarium, and now I am offering this service to those outside my Family.

In 2012 I founded the Vampyre Priesthood within the Sanguinarium to perform the Eight Vampyre Sacraments which include weddings. which are sacred to our tradition.  Please note that Sabretooth Vampyre tradition believes and supports a separation of “Church” and State, so we choose not to make these weddings legally binding and prefer to only perform the ceremonial elements after the Civil Union / civil wedding has been legally performed.

Blood & Roses – A Vampyre Wedding Ceremony

Within our traditions “Vampyre Wedding” which we call Blood & Roses is akin to a handfasting often practiced in Neo-Pagan traditions which has three stages.

Phase One “The First Rings” takes place for a period of a year and a day and expires, is renewed or the individuals move to the next phase.  This is similar to a traditional engagement.

Phase Two “The Second Rings” takes place after the First Rings first year and a day is complete and is a “traditional wedding” where often the civil wedding takes place around the same time.  This lasts for 7 years and a day and like the First Rings is something which expires, is renewed or the participants move to the Third Rings.

Phase Three “The Third Rings” takes place after the Second Rings and is something which bonds both souls for eternity, this is a huge and rare commitment which should only be done for the most parallel of souls.  This bond is acknowledging soulmates and is not something to take on a part time commitment.

Other Weddings

Of course I am not limited to the traditional Blood & Roses ceremony and am happy to offer my services for other paradigms as I am a chaos magician and can work within any belief system.  I am ordained in the ULC (Universal Life Church) and depending on the jurisdiction’s laws can perform legal weddings.  If I am not available and you wish for a Vampyre Wedding I can refer one of my Vampyre Priests from the Vampyre Priesthood.

Price & Schedule

Usually I dont charge directly anything for performing a wedding or renewal of vows for members of the Sanguinarium especially at planned courts such as the International Sabretooth Conclave (every other year including 2015, 2017, 2019, etc) or the Endless Night Vampire Ball events.  Ticket holders of Endless Nights can choose to get married on stage during the ball or the outer court (such as the New Orleans Vampire Court) for free as a performance peace.   My fee outside of these terms is a fee (depending on the complexity of the wedding and my involvement) plus travel, accommodations and reasonable expenses.  Yet this is negotiable depending on the situation.

For more information contact me at

Father Sebastiaan

Sabretooth Clan Lexicon 2014

Sabretooth Clan Lexicon

Sabretooth Clan Lexicon

Here is an exert of the Revised Sabretooth Clan Book V2 (releasing late 2014) of the official Sabretooth Family Lexicon.  This information is for members of the Sabretooth Clan and who have gone through the Rite of Transformation with Father Sebastiaan.

Please note;
1. This does not include all of the terminology used by the OSV (Ordo Strigoi Vii) such as energy manuplation and esoteric workings…
2. The ONLY official information about the Sabretooth Clan will either be posted on my personal website at or on   If it is not in one of these two locations it is NOT official information.
3. Some of this terminology is found in my books Sanguinomicon, Red Veils and Purple Veils yet it is presented here in a simplistic form and clarified.  So elders or fledglings can benefit from taking a peek.

Adra – a mentor or the action of mentoring.
Black Swans – individuals who do not identify with Vampyrism as a personal philosophy yet is educated and friendly to Vampyres.  This can include friends, birth family members, lovers, etc.
Black Veils – the five principles of the Family including Children, Blood, Mundane Law, Secrets and Quest.
Brood – the year the individual first when through the Rite of Transformation.  Example Lady N is brood of 1994 and Orisis had his fangs made in 2005, so he is brood of 2005.
Core – the original unbroken Sabretooth Clan Legacy of Father Sebastiaan from 1994 to present.
Court – any gathering of the Sabretooth Clan which can be secured from the mundane world including “Inner Courts”, private family only events and Endless Nights “outer courts” where non family members can attend.
Current – the vibe and spirit of the Family.  “May the Current be with you.”
Dayside – the experience of reality through the five senses, normal life from a Vampyre’s perspective.  Rationality, science, mundane life.
Discordant – an individual who actively works against the Current either consciously or unconsciously.
Elder – a Sabretooth after five years since the Rite of Transformation.
Endless Night – a production company run by members of the Sabretooth Clan which coordinates “Outer Courts” under the title Endless Night Vampire Ball.
Father – the founding father of the Sabretooths, Father Sebastiaan.
Family – when spelled with a capital F refers to the Sabretooth Family.
FangDay – the day an individual has gotten their fangs and is often celebrated, especially on the first anniversary.
Fledgling – someone who has gone through the Rite of Transformation and is within their first year.
Outer Glamour – another term for “Lesser Magic” employing concepts like NLP, social dynamics, presence, illusion, seduction, fashion and communication skills to control the outcome of social interactions.
Inner Circles – known formally as the OSV (Ordo Strigoi Vii) is the esoteric wing of the Family.
Inner Glamour – development of will power, self-discipline, confidence and personal empowerment  to build a stronger individual and control of one’s life.
Inner Sanctum – a sacred space for the Family such as a ritual chamber, VIP back room at a club or any place only allowed for members of the Family, temporary or permanent.
Kal – an individual who is not a fledgling and not yet an elder, after a year and a day since their Rite of Transformation to 5 years when the become an elder.
Legacy – the entire community of those who follow Sabretooth traditions and culture, yet are not formally apart of the main clan.
Magic – is a mental technology comprising Lesser (Glamour) and Greater (ceremonial magic) forms and is a science to control and manipulate reality according to one’s will.  Different from Sorcery which is an Inner Circle practice.
Muses – those Sabretooths who have met the First Death and are honoured for this contributions to the Family.
Mirror – one of the three elements of the Rite of Transformation, the final step when the seeker looks into the Mirror and sees their fangs for the first time and becomes a Fledgling.
Mundane – anyone unfamiliar with or not apart of Vampyre culture.
Nest – the central temple space of the Sabretooth Clan and base of operations, there have been two Nests, one in NYC and now the current center is in Paris, France.
Nightside – the subtle realm beyond the 5 senses, the esoteric and spiritual.
Red Veils – “Vampyre Virtues” which are different dayside teachings, traditions and philosophies which make up the Sabretooth culture.
Rite of Transformation – the process of getting fangs with Father Sebastiaan including the Oath, Oracle and the Mirror.
Ronin – solitary individuals who practice Vampyrism in the Sabretooth tradition.
Sabretooth – anyone who has gone through the Rite of Transformation with Father Sebastiaan.
Sanguinarium – the online haven and private forum of the Sabretooth Clan.
Snaggletooth – a Sabretooth who broke a fang and only has one tooth.
Sobriquet – a “Vampyre Name” or pseudonym chosen or bestowed upon a Vampyre.
Seeker – someone who is curious about going through the Rite of Transformation.
Vampyre – anyone who employs Vampyre philosophy, technology, magic, culture and traditions.
Vampyrism – the practice of Vampyrism as a philosophy and tradition, i.e. Bhuddism, Taosism, Satanism, etc.
Zoa – guardian spirits and personified manifestations of the Current… of the Family including Kitra, Mradu, Ramkht and Elorath.  Members of the Inner Courts often are attuned to their frequencies.

Father Sebastiaan explores the Legacy of the Endless Nights

You know what gives me the greatest pleasure of being Impresario of Endless Nights? YOU the “Nighters”, the people who support and attend the events, make all the effort to come out and become someone new and awaken! You Nighters be in Berlin, Paris, New York, Prague or New Orleans share the same spirit, soul and love for what Endless Nights has become. An international experience! Yet many of you have not met in person you carry the spirit of EN “AKA Fred Samedi” in your hearts. You see each others pictures on Facebook and exchange energy and ideas. The excitement builds. But you Nighters do not compete in some fashion contest, you are each others muses, you inspire each other. Now that is power and it is just getting even more interesting! Let go!

New Orleans Vampire Ball 1998-2014

Endless Night New York Vampire Ball 1996-2014

Endless Night New York Vampire Ball 1996-2014


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